Welcome to the Long Term Recovery Development Project for Glacier Lodge. We appreciate beyond measure the support so many families have shown with their continued patronage for decades. The success of Glacier Lodge is in large part the result of our loyal customer support.

We would like to thank the following families and individuals for their gifts to our recovery. A special shout out to our volunteer spring clean-up crews; The Sellers Boys in March were the first on site following the construction of the bridge, the Wedlake Family, and the Alford Clan for there help with spring cleaning, grounds clean-up, and maintenance.

I can not articulate what a huge blessing it was for my children to witness the support and encouragement you and your families demonstrated in your giving of time, talents and gifts.


Honarary Founders Club Members Include

Robert & Kathryn O'Keefe, Joan Whitlow, Floyd & Mary Joan Chalcraft, Mary Buchanan, Ted & Kathy Massey, Tim & Roxanne Wurth, P. & R. Larson, Susan and James Wright, Harold Olsen, Tom Olsen, Donald Olsen, Terry Pfister, Bill & Becky Selby, Glenda C Portman, Patti Warner, Barbara Brunner, Warren Corman, James Wright, Helen Frady, Greg Walsh, Bob & Kathleen Mills, Steve Oden, Mike & Debbie McGhee, Judy Goggans, Patricia Bissing, John & Cherie Kittle, Mountain Springs Church, Charlotte Salter, Jan Dobesh, Ivy Johnston, Richard Shaffer, Charla Watts.

Presidents Club

Pat Rogers, Margaret Willemsen, Bonnie Mock, Ken Teselle